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Goodbye, San Francisco - by: j,r
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  • "Spoil her with consistency."
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  • "You’re not in love with me, not really, you just love the way I always made you feel. Like you were the centre of my world. Because you were. I would have done anything for you."
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"Good morning, Hong Kong."

On the 31st of August, the Standing Committee of National People’s Concgress released their proposition for Hong Kong’s 2016 and 2017 Political Reform. It essentially states that Hong Kong’s 2017 Chief Executive Election will institute a system called the Nomination Committee, who will choose two to three different candidates for popular vote. After popular election of one of the nominated candidates, the new Chief Executive “will have to be appointed by the Central People’s Government.”

Members of the Scholarism movement (a student-led Hong Kong activist group) planned for university and secondary school students to skip classes on the 22nd and 26th of September to protest on the streets. OCLP (Occupy Central with Love and Peace) also had a protests planned for the 1st of October, the national holiday celebrating the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, but the Scholarism protests led them to begin prematurely.

On the night of 26th of September, several hundred demonstrators managed to get into the courtyard of the Central Government Complex, who were immediately surrounded and blockaded by the Hong Kong Police Force. The HKPF refused to let protesters within the courtyard leave, use any bathrooms or receive any external aid such as medical care, food or water. This action had rallied student sympathizers across the city to attend the protests, greatly increasing the number of protesters. It also made OCLP announce that the protest would begin on the dawn 27th of September instead.
The demonstrators in the courtyard of the Central Government Complex were eventually removed sometime over the weekend, but the resultant stand-off between protesters and police forces continued elsewhere in Hong Kong. From Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and even Mong Kok. The tension would finally break when the police engaged protesters with riot shields, batons, pepper spray and tear gas.

What was supposed to be a nightlong protest ended up putting the city on hold over the weekend, with protesters continuing to stay on the streets on the morning of the 29th (don’t forget, Hong Kong’s timezone is GMT +0800).

The picture itself was submitted on Facebook by a news station in Hong Kong called Apple Daily.

Please spread awareness. I grew up in this city and it hurts to see this happening to a place I love.

I fell in love with this city and it’s crazy how quickly politics can turn it to chaos
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  • "The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one."
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  • "You cannot pray for an A on a test and study for a B. You cannot pray for a celestial marriage and live a telestial life. You cannot pray for something and act less."

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    God just spoke to me right here.

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    “I’m an adult” I whisper as I try not panic while I’m filling in all those forms that I don’t understand.

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